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9 Dec, 2023

How to write the perfect job ad

Most job adverts that you see posted nowadays have got it all the wrong way round. Too often they focus on the attributes they want in a candidate. Rather, they should concentrate on selling the key benefits and features of the job. That way, job seekers will be far more interested in applying for the [...]

9 Oct, 2023

How to write an award-winning website

Every business that is worth its salt has its own website. However, websites can vary hugely in terms of quality. Some are purely functional home pages, while those at the top end are fully interactive, with the use of audio and video content. It’s fine if you have the time and money to create such [...]

9 Aug, 2023

How to write a clear brief

When you commission someone to work for you, you’re never always entirely sure what the end result will be. That’s unless you are certain that they have a clear understanding of the task at hand or they have consistently produced high standard of work for you over a sustained period of time and you feel [...]

9 Jun, 2023

How to make a boring subject sound interesting

We’ve all had to write about our fair share of boring stuff. Molecular biology is my particular pet hate. But the skill of a good writer is being able to turn a mundane subject into something interesting that will grab the reader’s attention from the word go. Once you’ve mastered it, you can turn your [...]

9 Apr, 2023

How to tell your story as a business

When most people think of a story they imagine a 300-page best-selling novel or thriller. But when you are writing the story of your business, while it should similarly be engaging and compelling, it also needs to be short and succinct, getting your key messages across. To do this effectively, you need to hook the [...]

9 Feb, 2023

How to write the perfect profile

People are interested in reading about other people. Which is why a profile is one of the most powerful forms of storytelling. It gives the reader a unique insight into the person or people behind the brand and what makes them tick. So, how do you write a top-quality profile that people will want to [...]

9 Dec, 2022

How to write compelling case studies

Case studies are one of the most effective forms of content. Essentially, they give a real-life example of a problem a customer has had and how they have solved it using your product or service. They enable a business that has or is experiencing the same or a similar issue to relate to their situation [...]

9 Oct, 2022

How to make your content stick

The true test of great content is if someone reads it. Often people will read the first few words or paragraphs of a story, but if it’s not interesting or engaging they ‘ll simply switch off and go elsewhere. But if you produce a piece that is truly original and tells a great story then [...]

9 Aug, 2022

How to shape people’s behavioural decisions

Copywriting is all about using the power of words to persuade the reader to take action. That may be to buy your product or service, visit your website, sign up to your newsletter or something else. But how do you get inside that person’s mind to know exactly what they are thinking and convince them [...]

9 Jun, 2022

Financial jargon to avoid at all costs

One of my biggest pet hates is business jargon. Words that sound fancy but make no sense whatsoever. For example, what’s a bear market? Stalls that sell live grizzlies? And how about a dead cat bounce? A trampoline centre for deceased felines? When you write, you want to do so as clearly as possible, with [...]

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