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9 Aug, 2020

The importance of fact-checking (in a world of fake news)

With the advent of fake news it is hard to work out who’s telling the truth any more. Social media and bloggers have been the main outlet for the dissemination of lies and misinformation. It’s not just click-bait farms either: governments and major companies have been culpable too, interfering in political campaigns or making false [...]

9 Jun, 2020

How to convert leads into sales

So you have done the hard work, marketed your product or service well and found a lead. What do you do next to turn that lead into a sale? Research has found that most leads fail to convert into sales because a company hasn’t bothered to follow up or has mishandled them. Here are five [...]

9 Apr, 2020

How to market yourself effectively online

We all wish we could promote ourselves and our businesses better. And doing so online is an integral part of that. Ultimately what you want to achieve is a seamless product, pricing, placement and promotional strategy to win more business. But how can you achieve that in a straightforward and efficient manner that is going [...]

9 Feb, 2020

How to drive traffic to your website

You’ve just set up an amazing website with all the bells and whistles. However, you’re still not getting the business or interest in your brand that you had hoped for. That could be because you aren’t getting the traffic to your website. Just like a high street shop, your website is a prime opportunity to [...]

9 Dec, 2019

How to write an advertorial that sells

An advertorial does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a cross between an advert and an editorial. But unlike an advert, it gives you a lot more scope for telling a story to the reader about your product or service. They’re also far less hard sell than an advert. Yet, while they may [...]

9 Oct, 2019

How to write an editorial with impact

We’ve all read them in our daily newspaper or magazine. Some of you may even have been asked to write one for a publication. But what are editorials? And how should they be structured and written in such a way to have a meaningful and lasting impact? The first question is easy to answer: editorials [...]

9 Aug, 2019

How to write a white paper that people want to read

A question I often get asked by clients is: ‘What exactly is a white paper?’ In short, it’s a formal research-led report that either argues a position on a subject or solves a problem for the reader. It also gives your audience much deeper context than a blog or newsletter which may only touch briefly [...]

9 Jun, 2019

Why SEO is important for your website

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it’s frequently abbreviated to is crucial if you want your business to have a presence and be found online. Essentially it means using commonly searched for key words associated with your company to improve your search engine rankings and drive traffic to your website. The search engines use a set [...]

9 Apr, 2019

How to write effective social media content

Anyone who is anyone is on social media these days, be it Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Having covered the main social media channels in a previous blog, I felt it was important to look more specifically at how to write content for these platforms. Writing on social media is completely different to writing for a [...]

9 Feb, 2019

How to write the perfect blog

Writing a blog should be standard practice for anyone with a website. Blogs are an essential tool for providing your target audience with useful information in an easy to read narrative format. They don’t necessarily have to be used to promote one of your products or services. Rather, they should add value by telling your [...]

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