As a copywriter, I’m all for short and sharp copy that hits the mark every time.

That’s why I use three clear tests, based on acronyms, which tell me if I’m achieving that.

So without further ado, here they are:

1) The KISS Test

No, I don’t mean that type of kiss.

In this instance, KISS stands for:






It does exactly what it says on the tin.

Always think of the simplest possible words you can you in the shortest possible sentences.

Use two sentences per paragraph for full effect.

Use a clear headline.

Use sub headings to break up the text.

Use bullet points to make key points.

2) The WIIFM Test

No, it’s not a dyslexic version of WiFi.

WIIFM stands for:






Again, it’s clear and unambiguous.

Put yourself in your reader’s shoes and write from their point of view.

Ask yourself: ‘So what? Why should I care about this?’

If you are writing about a product or service, turn the key features into benefits.

For example, you don’t buy a car because of its wheels, seats and engine.

You buy it because it gets you to where you want to go, faster.

3) The AIDA Test

No, not the opera.

AIDA stands for:





So first you grab your reader’s attention with an interesting benefit about your product or service.

Second, you peak their interest by telling them more about it.

Then you make them desire it by explaining why they need it.

Finally, you prompt them to take action and buy it.

Stick to these three basic tests and you can’t go far wrong.

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