Once you have written your piece, now is time to put it into grammatically correct and plain English.

If it has been written by someone with limited writing experience who has no formal journalism or copywriting training, often they don’t know how to tell a good story or get their message across effectively, not to mention the spelling mistakes they may have made.

That is why it’s essential to hire a professional and experienced editor who can quickly sift through the copy in fine detail, weed out any errors and turn it into an easy to follow and highly engaging read.

Breadth of experience

As a Copywriter and Journalist with 20-plus years’ writing and editing experience, that’s where I come in. Having worked as a News Editor, Reporter and Sub-Editor for a range of national and local newspapers, B2B and consumer magazines and websites, I am well versed in editing a range of content for different audiences across all media.

Whether it’s editing a news story, in depth profile or feature for a newspaper or magazine or compiling a company newsletter or annual report, I quickly get to grips with the key issues to ensure that you have the best angle so you receive the optimum coverage and take-up from your target readership, delivering a highly polished product.

Full accuracy

To ensure full accuracy, I first thoroughly check and research the piece. As a Sub-Editor for some of the UK’s leading national newspapers, it’s my responsibility to ensure that every piece is legally correct, word perfect and fully accurate.

Above all, as a result of my time spent editing everything from main body copy to writing headlines and captions, I know the key pitfalls that writers and editors must avoid in order to deliver the best end product.

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