Behind every good story should be comprehensive research of the subject that’s being written about.

That requires checking and double checking every fact and figure to make sure it’s correct for accuracy.

Proper research also enables the writer to gain a better understanding of the subject they are writing about and that should come across clearly to the reader.

That is why it’s essential to hire a professional and experienced researcher who can delve into the subject in fine detail and really get to the bottom of the matter.

Extensive experience

As a Copywriter and Journalist with 20-plus years’ writing, editing and research experience, that’s where I come in. Having worked as a Senior Researcher/Writer for Which? among other positions, I have learnt the importance of doing my groundwork properly before committing pen to paper.

My role as a Sub-Editor working for some of the UK’s leading national newspapers, is also to ensure that every piece is legally correct, word perfect and fully accurate.

Focus on quality

Whether it’s researching a news story, in depth profile or feature for a newspaper or magazine or compiling a company newsletter or annual report, I quickly get to grips with the key issues and find the best angle so that you receive the optimum coverage and take-up from your target readership, delivering a highly polished product.

Alongside my writing, I also offer a separate research service, enabling you to find out more about a particular subject. I have a range of contacts who are experts in their respective fields who I can tap into for leads as well as Internet based and document research.

Among the breadth of the subjects I have researched previously is everything from banking, insurance, pensions and financial services to sport, travel and leisure.

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