You’ve put all your time and effort into writing the perfect blog post and published it on your website.

It has got a few readers.

So what can you do to maximise its effectiveness and reach a wider audience?

The short and simple answer is to repurpose the content.

It doesn’t require a huge amount of time and is an easy win.

Here are five ways that you can repackage your content so that it gets wider appeal:

1) For different industries

Your content will be far more interesting and engaging if you write in a tone and language that resonates with the sector you want to address.

So, while you should keep your key message(s), you need to adjust certain words or phrases to the audience you are trying to reach.

You must also change or include relevant examples or case studies to illustrate your point.

2) For different channels

Every marketing and social media channel is different, so you need to tailor your content accordingly.

Twitter users are going to be looking for something different to LinkedIn ones, so you have to adapt your writing style to suit that particular market.

Social media requires shorter content, while email newsletters need to be more focused on providing tips and advice, and whitepapers should offer more in-depth insight.

3) For different formats

Think outside the box about how can present your content in a different form.

People’s minds work differently: some respond better to words and numbers, while others prefer to visualise the subject.

If it lends itself to doing so and you have the right technology and knowhow, with a bit of creativity, you can quickly and easily turn your blog into a infographic, webinar, podcast or video.

4) Collaborate with others

Often there will be other key influencers or companies you can work with to leverage your content.

There are plenty of businesses and individuals out there looking to reach a wider market and you could offer them the opportunity to do so.

But remember that it’s a two-way street: you have to provide them with something in return if you are asking them to put their name to your piece or are hosting it on their website.

5) Turn it into a book

Once you’ve written several blogs, if they have a broadly similar theme, you can put them all together and publish your own book or e-book.

Nowadays, it’s quick and easy to self-publish on websites such as Amazon at a relatively low cost.

Or you can engage an expert to do it for you to ensure it’s a thoroughly professional job.

Whichever method you choose, make sure you have done your research beforehand so that you know exactly who you are targeting with your content and how you are going to reach them.

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