People are interested in reading about other people.

Which is why a profile is one of the most powerful forms of storytelling.

It gives the reader a unique insight into the person or people behind the brand and what makes them tick.

So, how do you write a top-quality profile that people will want to read and engage with?

Here are five easy steps:

1) Do your research

Before you interview the subject and write the piece, you need to know as much information as possible that is relevant about them in order to gather background material and know the pertinent questions to ask them.

Use every source available, from internet-based research to library books, periodicals, newspapers and magazines, and even speaking with people who know them well.

2) Prepare thoroughly for the interview

Once you have gathered all the information you need, think about the best and most relevant questions to ask the interviewee.

Tailor your questions according to the subject matter, the individual and what you want to get out of them, ideally with a balance of open and leading questions.

3) Get the most out of the interview

The best way to start an interview is to put the interviewee at ease and build a rapport with them.

Begin with an ice-breaker and by asking them a couple of easy questions before throwing in the tougher ones when you have got something out of them and then they are more likely to open up.

Even if you think you have got everything that you need, always ask them at the end if they want to say anything else – often they will talk about something which can add interest to profile.

4) Start with the most interesting part

Always open with the most interesting aspect about the person or a comment they have made, either to come out of your research or the interview.

This can be perhaps a startling fact or figure about them, a challenging situation they found themselves in or a bold statement that they have made.

5) Make sure it flows

Like every piece of writing, your profile should have a structure with an introduction, middle and end.

Aim to cover about three to five key topics within the narrative and make sure that it flows seamlessly from one to the next, without being long or complicated.

Once you have written the profile, decide how best to illustrate it with images of the subject and the key topics that they cover.

These may include lifestyle pictures, infographics and videos.

The most memorable profiles are often those that make you feel after reading them that you know that person inside out and are accompanied with nice visuals.

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