When most people think of a story they imagine a 300-page best-selling novel or thriller. But when you are writing the story of your business, while it should similarly be engaging and compelling, it also needs to be short and succinct, getting your key messages across.

To do this effectively, you need to hook the reader in from the first word and take them on a journey with you. You also need to structure it just like how you were taught to at school – with an introduction, middle and conclusion.

Here are three ways to plan and write a story that will captivate your target audience from the outset and keep them coming back for more:

Engage on an emotional level

Humans by their nature are emotional. They respond to words and content that triggers their emotions.

Therefore you need to bring the human side of your business to the fore by telling your story on a personal level that people can relate to. That could be by explaining what inspired you to start the business.

For example, you may have had a bad experience that made you think there is a gap in the market or a better way of doing it than what’s currently available. By sharing similar experiences, you can show empathy with them and get them on your side.

Paint a picture

Without actually being there at the time, it’s hard to know exactly what the situation and emotion of an event was like, unless you have experienced it first-hand yourself. The best way to do this is to help the reader visualise what happened.

By telling the story through your eyes, you can put them there in the moment and make them feel like it was happening to them. Putting it in simple terms and referencing everyday activities can bring it to life, particularly if it’s a dry or complex subject.

For instance, you can recount a time when you a customer was facing a particularly tricky problem and how you came in and dealt with it. Talk the reader through the emotions that person felt by putting them in their shoes, explaining the pain and frustration they experienced and what it’s like now it has been resolved.

Create intrigue

Like any good novel, a story should get its audience thinking more deeply about the subject matter. That can be done by creating an element of intrigue.

By leaving questions to be answered or an open ending, that will make the reader hungry to find out more. It’s effectively a call to action, for them to follow up with you, whether that’s then going to buy your product or service or sign up to your newsletter where they can find out more information.

Everyone enjoys a good story. So makes sure that yours gets heard by telling it well.

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