The true test of great content is if someone reads it.

Often people will read the first few words or paragraphs of a story, but if it’s not interesting or engaging they ‘ll simply switch off and go elsewhere.

But if you produce a piece that is truly original and tells a great story then the reader is more likely to follow it through to the end and remember it for months or even years afterwards.

So how do you write content that sticks and people want to read?

Here are five tips to hook the reader and get them reading to the end:

1) Keep it simple

No one wants to read something that’s overcomplicated and hard to understand.

That’s why you should focus on keeping the content as simple as possible, using familiar language that is easy to relate to.

Keep your words and sentences as clear and short as possible, without trying to be clever with your prose.

2) Make it memorable

Well-written content will be remembered long after the story has been published.

So write it in a way that grabs the reader’s attention straight from the off, without overexaggerating or giving untrue information, and take them on a journey.

Use revealing facts and statements that will make them sit up and take notice, and think long and hard about.

3) Make it original

Use your own unique style of writing, tone of voice and content to give the reader something that they have never had before and will enjoy.

Imagine you have a news story scoop and you want to tell everyone about it; think about how you would present it in the most interesting and engaging way that will get everyone reading it.

But remember to be consistent, regardless if you write in a formal manner or a more conversational and friendly tone.

4) Use emotion

By their nature, humans are a curious species that are interested in other people.

Human-interest stories are the most powerful way to influence a reader.

By drawing on their emotions, you can get them to become fully invested in the story and read on to see what happens at the conclusion.

5) Use the element of surprise

The best stories are those that have an unexpected twist at the end.

The reader thinks they know what’s going to happen at the end and then suddenly you hit them with a shock revelation or unforeseen change of direction.

So use the element of surprise or suspense to catch your reader off-guard and really get them thinking.

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