Most job adverts that you see posted nowadays have got it all the wrong way round. Too often they focus on the attributes they want in a candidate.

Rather, they should concentrate on selling the key benefits and features of the job. That way, job seekers will be far more interested in applying for the role.

So how do you write a job ad that a potential applicant will want to go for? Simple, use the four-step acronym AIDA:

1) Attention

As with any piece of writing, you want to hook the reader from the first word to the last. Start by using a headline that’s unique and will immediately pique their interest, as well as being easily found by a search engine.

Ask yourself: ‘What’s in it for the reader?’ That should focus on the perks of the job or why it’s rewarding. You also need to write it from their perspective by addressing them as ‘you’ throughout the piece, even using it in the opening headline.

Then you need to include all of the important features of the job. That includes what the role offers, location, hours and requirements.

2) Interest

Once you have grabbed the reader’s attention, then you need to reel them in. That means keeping them interested throughout.

This is where you get the opportunity to really sell the role. Give them a compelling reason to choose your company.

Talk about how you support staff and why you offer such a great environment to work in. If they feel they will be valued and appreciated, they are much more likely to want to work for you.

3) Desire

Then you have to make the reader really want to the role. That is where you have to turn the job’s features into benefits. That may include flexible working or training and career development.

To help list the benefits, ask yourself three fundamental questions: ‘So what, who cares and which means that?’ They will all inform why each benefit is important to the reader.

4) Call to action

Finally, you have to get the reader to take the action you want them to do. In most cases, that is to apply for the job.

Sign off with a line such as: ‘If you’re interested in a more rewarding role, give us a call on XXXXX’. Or: ‘To enjoy all of these benefits, drop us a line on XXXXX’.

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