We’ve all had to write about our fair share of boring stuff. Molecular biology is my particular pet hate.

But the skill of a good writer is being able to turn a mundane subject into something interesting that will grab the reader’s attention from the word go. Once you’ve mastered it, you can turn your hand to writing about almost anything.

Here are five ways that you can bring even the most boring subject to life:

1) Learn more about the topic

Before you can write about any subject you need to do your research. If you don’t know what you are writing about your audience will soon be able to tell by how it comes across.

The greater your knowledge about something, the more interesting it will become to you and, therefore, the more compelling you can make it sound too. That, in turn, opens up a wider range of issues you can write about.

2) Choose an angle that everyone can relate to

Take the subject you are writing about and make it as simple as possible by applying it to an everyday situation that anyone can relate to. The more you are able to talk from personal experience, the better you can get across your story in a lively and engaging way.

3) Link the topic to current news events

You would be surprised how many stories currently in the press are related to the subject you are writing about. For example, your readers may not be interested in the finer details government’s economic policy, but when it starts to impact how much money they have in their pocket or their mortgage, then all of a sudden they become interested.

4) Find a way to make the reader participate

It’s all very well writing about a subject, but to make it more interesting for your audience you need to get them to contribute to the conversation. The more they feel part of the debate, the more likely they are to engage with the topic, so give them prompts to follow by asking questions or getting them to complete quizzes or surveys to test their knowledge or seek feedback.

5) Make the topic more visual

Nothing brings a piece of writing to life better than the use of an image to go with the body copy. By using an infographic, picture or video, you can break up the text, making it easier for the reader to digest the information and reinforce or summarise a point you want to make.

Remember, what may seem like a boring subject at first in reality is probably much more interesting than you give it credit for. By being able to impart that interest to the reader, you can get them to share in your enjoyment of it with you too.

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