Question: what do all good storytellers have in common?

Answer: the ability to construct an interesting and engaging story that grabs the reader from the opening line.

It’s common sense.

If you want to produce top quality content for your business or publication you need to invest in a top-notch writer.

There are five key benefits to investing in a quality and professional writer:

1) Getting your message across

The most important part of any written communication is to get your message across.

A quality writer knows how to construct an introduction that conveys all of the key points you need to address in a concise, readable and easy to understand format.

They will then expand on those key points in greater depth in the main body of the copy before tying all of them together in their conclusion.

2) Hitting your target market

Every story needs to be angled towards the key themes that you want to explore, starting with the most interesting or important news or finding(s).

That news value depends largely on the audience you want to reach and the best way to engage them or to pique their interest.

A quality and experienced writer knows their subject thoroughly and is able to tailor their content accordingly and develop these key themes throughout the piece.

3) Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation

There’s nothing more embarrassing than putting a story out there, whether in the public or private domain, only to find that it’s riddled with basic typos.

A quality writer who has been professionally trained, such as a qualified journalist, has a keen eye for detail, ensuring that they construct grammatically correct sentences that flow.

They also have the ability to move seamlessly between different tenses, whether in the first or third person, depending on the style required.

4) Full accuracy

Hand-in-hand with spelling and punctuation comes accuracy.

A good story has to be first thoroughly researched and then fact checked to ensure it makes sense and, above all, is correct.

Proper research also shows that the writer has a full grasp of their subject and that comes across clearly in their copy when you read it.

5) Value for money

The investment that you make in a quality writer is a valuable one.

It ensures that you are getting the full package – someone who researches their subject matter thoroughly and is able to translate their findings into words that are both easy to understand and grammatically correct.

Most importantly, you are ensuring that all of your key messages are covered and you hit your target market every time.

Finally, you don’t need to do the hard work – put your feet up and let your writer do what they do best – writing top quality copy.

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