As a company, organisation or individual, your key consideration when hiring a good writer should be to find someone who can get your core message across well.

But with so many different freelance journalists and writers out there, how do you choose the best one?

Here is my five-step guide to selecting the best person for the job:

1) Make sure they are properly qualified

With the sudden rise of social media and blogs, not to mention fake news, almost everyone has become a writer these days.

But how do you separate fact from fiction?

Simple, by reading a credible mainstream publication or news source written by a team of qualified journalists.

In the same way as hiring a plumber to fix your leaking sink, you should always look to employ a qualified professional journalist to get the job done.

For example, I am NCTJ (National Council for the Training of Journalists) qualified and have my Certificate in Journalism, meaning that I am trained in all aspects of journalism including media law, public affairs and shorthand.

 2) Look at their background and experience

A good writer or journalist will have a strong track record of producing quality content.

That may include having written front page stories for newspapers, carried out in-depth investigations or produced company reports.

I cut my teeth on local newspapers, which equipped me with the skills to go on to write for national newspapers, trade magazines and company websites.

I also gained invaluable experience of working abroad for five years as the Deputy Business Editor on Bermuda’s daily national newspaper The Royal Gazette, giving me a unique insight into a highly specialised market.

3) Find an expert in your field

It may sound like teaching your granny to suck eggs, but the best way to find the right fit for you is to look at all the relevant work they have done previously.

For example, if you are looking for someone to write a story on the bonds and equity market, you are hardly going to want someone who has mostly written about beauty and fashion.

That said, if the person has a strong grounding in news reporting, that probably means they can turn their hand to most forms, provided they can get up to speed on the knowledge required in that area.

I specialise in travel, business and sport, giving me a broad base that has enabled me to write engaging stories on a diverse range of interesting subjects.

 4) Scour the internet to find one

Your best source for freelance journalists and writers is to look at online directories such as Holdthefrontpage or

You should also use specific key word searches on Google or other search engines for your particular job, for example, business journalist, travel writer, etc.

The beauty of the internet is that these days most things can be done remotely almost anywhere in the world.

For example, I work for a number of clients across the world that like my style of writing and value the quality of British journalism that I have to offer.

However, if you want to find a writer or journalist who works in the same time zone that you can sit down and go through the brief with, then it’s better to target someone in your local area. Eg: Search for “Alex Wright, Freelance Journalist, Reigate”

5) Also use word of mouth

The best way to find a quality journalist or writer, though, often is simply through word of mouth.

The top journalists pride themselves on having done a thorough and excellent job for their client.

This is reflected in the customer satisfaction, with the client happy to recommend the writer to a colleague or friend for future work.

During my time in journalism, through my work I have built up a group of loyal repeat customers that have enabled me to develop my craft and my passion for the subject that I love.

Here are some of the reviews.

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