9 Apr, 2022

How to build a sustainable audience

The whole point of writing is that someone reads your work. If you have got a powerful message or compelling story to tell, you want to get it out there. But first you need to build a target audience that will engage with your business and become keen advocates for your brand. Here is how [...]

9 Feb, 2022

How to repurpose your content for different audiences

You’ve put all your time and effort into writing the perfect blog post and published it on your website. It has got a few readers. So what can you do to maximise its effectiveness and reach a wider audience? The short and simple answer is to repurpose the content. It doesn’t require a huge amount [...]

9 Dec, 2021

The three great ACRONYM tests

As a copywriter, I’m all for short and sharp copy that hits the mark every time. That’s why I use three clear tests, based on acronyms, which tell me if I’m achieving that. So without further ado, here they are: 1) The KISS Test No, I don’t mean that type of kiss. In this instance, [...]

9 Oct, 2021

How to get your grammar, spelling and punctuation spot on

Good use of grammar, spelling and punctuation is the foundation of a well-constructed piece. To achieve this, you need to focus on getting the basics right and avoid being too clever or getting bogged down in the detail. Think about the easiest way you can write a sentence to make your point. Leave out words [...]

9 Aug, 2021

How to write an ebook

Ebooks are an invaluable way to quickly build your brand and credibility. Thanks to Amazon and other self-publishing services, it has never been easier to publish your own book. Whether you are going down the self-publishing route or getting a publisher to produce it for you, writing an ebook gives you instant authority as a [...]

9 Jun, 2021

How to write with a clear voice

A trap that many people fall into when writing is trying to sound too clever. In order to try and impress clients and colleagues, they will use unnecessary technical and complicated language full of jargon and buzzwords. When really they should be trying to get their message across as simply and in as few words [...]

9 Apr, 2021

How to put thought leadership at the centre of your marketing strategy

Thought leadership articles are the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your skills, knowledge and expertise. But while you may be able to craft an award-winning piece of writing, if you don’t promote it properly there’s no point. Thought leadership content typically takes the form of white papers, guides and reports. Because of their longer [...]

9 Feb, 2021

How to write an award-winning speech

Some of us are naturals at public speaking, whereas others get stage fright or turn into a nervous wreck. Regardless of how good or confident you are at giving a speech, if you are presenting to five people or 5,000, without a foolproof plan you are likely to come unstuck. Even the most experienced public [...]

9 Dec, 2020

How to write a compelling company biography

You want to showcase your business in the best possible light, so why not the people who run it also? I’ve seen too many bland and boring company biographies or profiles that don’t do justice to the remarkable achievements of the person concerned. Rather, they should be a testimony to the great work, skills and [...]

9 Oct, 2020

How to write timeless content

The best quality content is that which stands the test of time. Breaking news stories are often read on the day the event happens, but seldom afterwards. Whereas articles that are not tied to a specific date or time are much more likely to be read for weeks, months or even years afterwards if the [...]

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