The best quality content is that which stands the test of time.

Breaking news stories are often read on the day the event happens, but seldom afterwards.

Whereas articles that are not tied to a specific date or time are much more likely to be read for weeks, months or even years afterwards if the content offers true value to the reader.

Examples of evergreen content include but are not limited to tutorials and how to guides, problem solving, list posts and testimonials.

So how do you make your content timeless?

Here are five top tips to give your story longevity:

1) Avoid any references to times and dates

Try to avoid words that give your piece a place in time like today, yesterday, this week, last month or recently.

If someone reads such words chances are they will associate the story with a specific timeframe, which if it was a long time ago may lead the reader to think the content isn’t fresh or valuable to them.

2) If you must put a date, include it at the bottom

Many articles carry the date they were published at the top.

But if the reader finds that story online and the date is a long time ago they are likely to be instantly turned off.

So if you are going to use it, include it at the bottom of the article.

3) Make sure your article is as relevant today as it would have been in the past

A lot of what occurred in the past still resonates with what is happening in the world today.

For example, there are many striking parallels between Brexit and the 1975 referendum on membership of the Common Market.

So choose a subject that is going to have a lot of mileage for the reader and offer an alternative such as providing your spin on it, a deeper analysis or cross reference it to other relevant topics.

4) Give it universal appeal

Pick a topic that is relevant to a wider market that inspires the reader to think more deeply, and want to take action and revisit it.

Subjects could include perennial issues such as buying a house, elderly care or schooling.

5) Update it if necessary

With the best will in the world things are going to change, so it may be necessary to update your content to keep it fresh.

For example, if you are writing about the latest smartphone, thanks to technological advances the moment it is launched it will be out of date and replaced with something new.

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